Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mahalo Back Girl

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An epic failure has occurred over here at Of Houses and Trees, folks, and my heart is a-broken. I probably put a good two to three hours into a post about my favourite locally-owned Stony Plain home decor stores and – right as it was ready to be posted – Safari crashed and only a fraction of the entry saved.

The ironic part (using ironic in the Alanis Morrisette way and not in the I have an English degree and thus know better way) is that Safari crashed because I was trying to watch episodes of my new obsession, Tiny House Nation, online for free. Oh, how I love that show, but the loss of my post is a heavy price to pay. I could rewrite it, but honestly I'm too depressed about the whole thing at the moment. Maybe another day…

In happier news – here are some pictures of my recent family vacay to Maui! These have nothing to do with houses or trees, but nobody will care because Hawaii is so effin beautiful it trumps all things – including off topic blog posts and technological malfunctions. Enjoy!

Two very different comment topics, but I'm equally interested in answers for both (I don't play comment favourites): Ever lost something you've worked really hard on due to the fickle mistress that is technology? Or, have you ever been to Hawaii?


Anonymous said...

The answer is yes to both. Ironically 😉😉 my last post to your blog left me technologically angered when it disappeared. And I've been to Hawaii. Staggeringly beautiful.

Unknown said...

Lost hours of writing before... Hours of gameplay... And I once deleted a week worth of heavy work in Minecraft that my husband and I had put in.

Unknown said...

Ah! Sorry my blog has been the centre of your techno-anger Auntie Cheryl. (Did I just coin a term… no, probably not). Thanks for keeping your chin up and try try trying again.

Losing gameplay is probably one of the saddest technological bereavements you can have because games often seem like your life. I feel you sister :(