Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Architecture of American Houses

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And now for an Of Houses and Trees first… a short post! Think it can't be done? Well, I'll show you. I'll show you all…

I came across this poster (click here for the option to zoom in) awhile back and knew I had to share it here in honour of my The Houses in Which We Live series. I'm not really a poster person (anymore, I should say, because lord knows many a 90s heartthrob once lined the walls of my forest green bedroom), but if I still were I would order this one up pronto as it combines several things that I love: architecture, history and tiny versions of things. It also reminds me of The Cat's Meow Village, which are these little handmade wooden collectibles featuring everything from period homes to monuments to signposts (I'm looking at the one of a Golden Gate Bridge sign sitting on my desk as I type this). My mom used to have a bunch of them lining the trim around our staircase and a dear friend of her's also had an impressive collection (this is the same friend with the plastic toy toilet I so coveted).

But, alas, I digress. And digressing is not allowed in short posts.

What's your favourite architectural home style? What style do you think we could live without (the fact that a "McMansion" is even a thing is very sad indeed). Let me know in the comments and perhaps I'll use your suggestion for the next entry in my "The Houses in Which We Live" series!


Unknown said...

I suddenly have a craving to buy an old Lego set and start building miniature houses.

Unknown said...

But why are old Lego sets so hard to come by? Is it a conspiracy? Are the makers starving the market in order to create a Lego-buying feeding frenzy in the future? I feel this is the most logical reason.