Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Horse (Fence), Of Course

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Horse love… or horse jealousy? (I'd keep
an eye out for the black one in the
background if I were these two.)
Land news! No, I haven't finished (nor started, really) another house design. Devin's computer has gone on the fritz and it's the one that has AutoCAD on it so everything happening on that front is happening in my head. And while we won't be living out there anytime soon I am pleased to announce that the land has new residents of the four-legged variety. Horses!

Seven little beauties that are going to be munching the summer away on our pasture and drinking in the pond that Devin dug last year. Prepping the land for (other people's) animals has been a process several years in the making and, while I haven't had a direct hand in things, I can confidently say I was indirectly involved in the following ways:

- Bringing Devin and hired help (i.e.: family members who are paid with love and food) a pic-a-nic-a-basket.
- Keeping a 0-20 month old occupied on many a long weekend (remember, I said it's been several years) because children and chainsaws don't mix.
- Helping to write and review an iron-clad legal document also known as our pasture lease. 

Possible boo-boo inducing situation.
I feel like I just had a job interview for a position I am unqualified for and thus had to make stuff up that sounds impressive (like the time I told a potential employer I had "implemented a digital record-keeping system" when all I really did was burn some old files onto CDs… and then make labels for them!).

The truth is, I'd love to be more involved. I want to cut up my arms on barbed wire and get slapped in the face by indignant tree branches, but sometimes these things are better left to the pros. It's likely I would have just slowed things down since lately it seems like every boo-boo I acquire, whether real or non-existent, needs to be kissed better… Oh wait, that's not me.

Have you ever missed out on something not-so-fun and been sad anyway? Do you feel like you have to be involved in everything even when your talents could probably be used elsewhere? Gimme a "C," gimme an "O," gimme an "M"… oh for eff's sake just comment already.

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